Anjeer Roll Recipe | Date & Figs Roll | Homemade Anjeer Roll

I made this Anjeer roll. You can say which is Sugar free, Ghee free and loaded with Nutrition value. There is something to be said about simplicity. Sometimes, the brain just cannot or does not want to process anything complex. I have adapted this anjeer roll recipe from my sister. Anjeer roll is a sweet north Indian delicacy prepared during Diwali, especially in Jaipur. In makes a perfect desert which one can festivals’ and it’s also very easy, quick to prepare. Anjeer roll is a mouth-watering sweet. Anjeer roll is a good gift for your loved ones this Diwali. So try this out and let me know how it turns out for you.


  • 25-30 Dry Figs (Anjeer)
  •  1½ Cup Dates (Khajoor)
  •  3 tbsp Almond (Badam)
  •  3 tbsp Walnut (Akhrot)
  •  3 tbsp Cashew Nuts (Kaju)
  •  1 tsp Nutmeg Powder
  •  Water


Firstly, soak dry figs (anjeer) in warm water for 35 to 45 minutes. Remove the seeds in Dates and chop in small pieces. Chopped all dry fruits (almonds, walnut, cashew nuts) and keep a side. The soaked figs grind, with grinder. (don’t) add water) Grind to the chopped dates. Add fig mixture and again one time grind it to smooth paste. Divide the mixture in two parts. A part from each chopped dry fruit and with figs, dates mixture and make soft dough. Divide the dough it into and make balls. Take a one ball and make flatten into a 4 mm thick Circle. Roll it between to plastic paper sheets. Spread crushed almond, cashew nuts, walnuts on the prepare fig roti. Fold the layer into a roll, use plastic sheet for folding. Roll tightly starting from the end where seal the edges completely. Gently press the roll till it is about 200 mm long. Roll this onto poppy seeds so that the poppy seeds coat the roll completely. Keep the roll wrap in the plastic sheet and fold the sheets edges. Keep in fridge for 3 to 4 hours. (It is important to keep in fridge to make the roll from otherwise it tends to break) (be gentle while making the pieces and use a sharp knife. ) Now cut the roll with cutter of 25mm. thickness.

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