Rasmalai | Easy Rasamalai Recipe | Homemade Rasmalai Recipe | Dessert Recipe

Rasmalai is one of the Indian traditional dessert. Rasmalai is a Bengali dessert. All people loved by this dessert. This is a very popular dessert prepared with paneer.  Ras means “Juice” and malai means “Cream”. This dessert prepare with soft paneer balls dipped in chilled creamy milk.  Rasgullas, like Rasmalai is also made with paneer. This is a perfect dessert for parties and get together. You can prepare it a day before and can keep it in the refrigerator. Sure, try this dessert in your home. So let me start and see how to make rasmalai (dessert recipe) at home.


For The Panner :-

  • 1 litter Milk (Doodh)
  •  3 to 4 drop Lemon Juice (Nibu ka ras)

For Creamy Syrup:-

  • 1 litter Milk (Doodh)
  •  ¼ cup Sugar (Chini)
  •  1 tsp Cardamom Powder (Elaichi Powder)

For The Garnish :-

  • Saffron
  • Almonds


Firstly, put milk in a heavy bottomed pan. Boil the milk on medium flame and stirring continues. When the milk comes to first boil then add the lemon juice, and with spoon stir gently. You can see the milk is curdles and the green whey water separates out. Remove the flame. Drain with muslin cloth, rinse the paneer and squeeze well. The paneer put in a plate and mash with your palm until the paneer becomes very smooth. Divide the dough into small equal sized. The water boils in pressure cooker. Add sugar and boil to on medium high heat. Now add the paneer balls and close the lid. Cook for one whistle. Remove the flame. When goes off pressure then open the lid. Transfer to a bowl. You can see the Rasgullas double in size.

For The Creamy Syrup :-

 In another pan, boil the 1 litter milk. Boil the milk in medium high heat and with spoon stirring. Boil the milk until they are reduces half of its and stirring continues with spoon. Add sugar and stir well. Remove the flame and add cardamom powder.

Allow the rasgullas to cool in the syrup. Take them out from the syrup, squeeze them lightly and keep aside. The squeezes rasgullas pour in prepare the creamy milk and keep in refrigerator for 1 hour. So prepare your Rasmalai, garnish with saffron and almond pieces. Transfer to a serving bowl.

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