Puri Recipe | Poori Recipe | Puffed Puris

I share with you simple method to make Poori or Puri at home. Pooris are made with unleavened dough made from wheat flour and are usually served with a side Potato dish. Soft fluffy fried bread that I could eat all on their own without any accompaniment. A few other variations of pooris are Masala Poori, Methi Poori, Meethi Poori. Pooris are an important part of any occasion, any festivels.  Learn how to make Poori.


  • 2 cups Wheat flour (Gehun ka Atta)
  • Salt to taste (Namak)
  • 1tsp oil (Tel)
  • Oil for deep frying

How To Make Puffed Puris :-

Sieve wheat flour, add salt and oil mix well. Add water little by little to the dough until it comes together into a pliable dough. (The dough consistency should not be too tight or too soft). The dough should not be sticky or feel dry in your hands. Divide into small balls about golf-ball size, and roll out into 3” rounds on an oiled board. Heat oil for frying, in a kadai. Add make poori and fry on the first side until they puff. Turn and fry until light brown. Transfer to on paper towel to drain off any oil. If fried right, it wont retain oil. Same ways prepare all poories. So prepare your poories, transfer to a serving plate and eat with aloo sabji or any sabji.

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