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Summers is one of the only times when one can enjoy the true ecstasy of fresh mango juice. Mangoes are a favorite of many people. Till date, I have not found anyone who does not like mangoes. Mangoes being my favorite I used them to make fresh mango juice. Mango Juice is always her favorite. There really quite easy to make. Mango juice is almost available in market. But you can make fresh mango juice at home with different flavors in juice. Mango Juice is very popular drink which is available in all drink / Juice Shop. I always order one when out drink / Juice shop. My all time favorite way of having mangoes is mango juice. Mango juice is any easy recipe which I thoroughly enjoy during the mango season. So learn how to make Mango Juice.


  • 3 Big Ripe Mangoes (Aam)
  •  3 to 4 tbsp Sugar (Chini)
  • Crushed ice
  • Water


Firstly, wash the mangoes, Peel and chop them into cubes, Put them in a blenders together with crushed ice, sugar and water. Blend the mangoes till smooth juice. So prepare your mango juice, serve in serving glass. Add crushed ice.


  • Adjust sugar level according to the sweetness of mango.
  • Mangoes that offer a nice aroma and a strong flavor are good for blending.

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