Muskmelon Juice | Summer Drink Recipe | Kharbuje Ka Juice

Today we make Muskmelon Juice. This is a very delicious juice. Musk melon are available in plenty this season in the market. At home we often add some milk to the melon juice. But there is no need at all. Muskmelon is high in fiber. It is good for folks on a diet. Muskmelon is lovely sweet fruit with a soft flesh and lots of water content. Musk melon juice used to be often made in the summary in my home. In a blender just add the muskmelon and some jaggery or sugar come and these you have a healthy juice. It has cooling properties which helps to reduce body heat, these by preventing various related ailments. So try this out and let me know how it turns out for you.


1 Muskmelon

Sugar as required


Rinse the mask melon in water. Cut into half and remove the seeds. Then slice them into long pieces, and peel the skin and chop it into cubes. In a blender add the chopped muskmelon cubes and sugar, blend till smooth. Pour it into a glass adds ice cubes and serve immediately. So prepare your delicious and chilled muskmelon juice.

Note : Instead of came sugar any other sweetness you can also be added like honey is thick, add some water. The muskmelon seed can be dried if you have good sunlight. And then roasted.

How to choose musk melon

Smell the muskmelon and see, if you get a nice Muskmelon smell, then the fruit is ripe.


It is good for folks on a diet.

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