Jam Bread Heart Sandwich

Today we make Jam Bread Heart Sandwich. My favorite childhood food memory is bread and Jam. My child is also found of bread and mixed fruit Jam. Bread and jam for breakfast. An old woman would announce the daily breakfast menu. When I leave for school, I am also a slice of toasted bread with butter and Jam. I am talking about the very basic bread and Jam sandwich. This is wonderful travel food, especially for kids. This bread Jam prepares also kids because it is very easy recipe. So let’s see how to make Jam Bread Heart Sandwich. (bred and jam).


  • 4   Bread slices,
  • 2 tbsp jam


Take a 1 bread. It is optional to cut off the sides of the slices, Spread the Jam on one side of the bread place another’s bread slice on top of it. The bread cut it heart shape with cutter. (The bred cut of as you like shape). So prepare your kids Jam Bread Heart Sandwich. So enjoy and eat this Jam Bread Heart Sandwich, kid with you.

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