Potato Chips | How to make Potato Chips at home

Today we make Potato Chips. These potato wafers or chips are something I enjoyed making at home during my college days. Then there were the days with french fries. Potato chips is thin cruncy fried pure bliss. Potato chips use up fast (vrat). My sister got loads of potato chips that we have use up fast. Potato chip is a very popular snack all over the world. You can as preparing crispy potato ships at home is very easy to make. You can make crisp potato chips by slicing or potato or dried potato chips can be made by boiling the chips and then drying them. So see how to make Potato Chips at home.

Ingredients :-

  • ¬†2 kg. Big Potatoes (Bade Aloo)
  • Salt (Namak)
  • Oil for frying

Method :-

 Wash the potatoes and slice it with the help of a slices. (You do not have to peel the skin) Keep the chip dipped into the water. Take a bowl, and dip all the chips into it. Now boil water in it, add the all chips in the boiled water and boil for 6-8 minutes on medium flame. Remove the flame. Now strain the water from the chips spread it on a polythin (Plastic sheet). Place sheet in sun to dry. turn the chips around after 2 hours. Let more in the sun. So prelate your potato ships are ready. Store in airtight contains.

How to fry potato chips :-

Heat oil in kadai, when oil is not put chips into. Fry until some light golden and remove from oil with a slotted ladle. Drain it on a paper napkin. Sprinkle black salt and mix on the potatoes while still hot and gently mix it. After it cools, store in airtight contains.

Note :-

Potatoes chips should not be half boiled, else they turn black. Dry the chips completely else, they will catch fungus.

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